MODs Foundation

MODs  Foundation will create a charitable fund that will support people who work in the community to advocate, educate and celebrate wildlife, the environment, and nature. The Foundation and the MODs will support pioneering people, ideas, products and programs that will showcase, observe and honor our connection to the natural world, and how that connection can serve to advance our physical, mental and emotional life and health. Funds will be made available via micro-loans and grants, and as we grow, the organization will continue to discover, encourage and promote new and innovative opportunities for community involvement and engagement.


Cheryl Ronning
MODs Foundation President

Ms. Ronning has worked as a producer, a performer, an event planner and a paralegal.
She is the founder of Persephone Productions, an award-winning, multi-disiplinary company dedicated to opening up concepts, missions, proposals and plans to visionary notions and collaborations.
Her skills and expertise includes: 
- Interdisciplinary Collaboration
- Creative Writing
- Video Production
- Marketing
- Event Planning
- Performing Arts
- Web Design
- Creative Solutions
- Problem Solving
- Fundraising
- Social Media
- Customer Service

MODS Foundation
email:[email protected]
phone: 1-800-830-6661